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 “It is unlawful for any person to operate a motorized recreational vehicle within the limits of the City except on public lands and waters under jurisdiction of the commissioner of the state Department of Natural Resources as permitted by law.” This section of code deems it unlawful to operate any motorized recreational vehicle on a storm water pond, and violators may be ticketed.

The throwing, dumping, or disposing of any dead animals, animal feces, garbage, waste, decaying matter, ground, sand, stone, ashes, rubbish, tin cans, glass, nails, tacks, or debris of any nature on public or private property except at places authorized by law.

Storm water ponds are also a regulated water feature, although the regulations regarding storm water ponds are different from those that apply to wetlands. In the City of Hugo, storm water ponds are regulated through Chapter 46 – Nuisances of the City Code. Residents can do their part to protect storm water features by abiding by the following rules. Never fill or obstruct storm water ponds, swales and retention systems, as that will potentially keep the storm water pond from working as designed. Don’t dump excess oils and other chemicals from your home or yard waste, including grass clippings, into storm water drains or ponds. Also, be sure to clean up pet waste so nutrients and bacteria don’t enter storm water drains.

Bring Lawn and Plant Based items to the Northern Yard Waste Site at 5527 170th Street, Hugo, MN 55038. The brochure is attached below. 

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